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Kaizen 10

FRCC Foundation Financial Report

Town of Castle Rock RecGuide


A logo designed for a fitness trainer focused on athletes with diabetes.

Town of Castle Rock RecGuide

FRCC Foundation Financial Report

Town of Castle Rock RecGuide


Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department teamed up with Beardline Studio to create a more engaging publication. Here are the results…

FRCC Foundation Financial Report

FRCC Foundation Financial Report

FRCC Foundation Financial Report


An annual mailer giving thanks to donors and providing information about how funding is being used.


UIC Campus Recreation

FRCC Foundation Financial Report


A logo designed for a grassroots bike share program in a little mountain town in Colorado.

UIC Campus Recreation

UIC Campus Recreation

UIC Campus Recreation


Getting the word out with engaging graphics and consistency.


UIC Campus Recreation

UIC Campus Recreation


An example of my approach to delivering my ideas.

Wayfinding for the Blind


The Problem

At the time of the research, Braille illiteracy rates among the Blind who lost vision as adults were above 65%. This caused a gap in ADA standards for tactile signage in public spaces. Important signs utilizing Braille could only be read by 35% of the Blind causing them to lose independence when navigating in public spaces. 


The Solution

A tactile symbol system was designed based on standard transportation symbols and an alternative tactile language called Moon Type. My research with members of the National Federation for the Blind and accessibility experts for the Chicago Transit Authority demonstrated that the visual symbols sighted people use could be interpreted tactually. This discovery is intended to help the Braille illiterate navigate through public spaces more independently and bridge the gap of ADA signage. 



A prototype of a wayfinding system was also used to test signals to help the Blind navigate independently. This system includes a tactile flooring system directing the blind to the information along with and ADA compliant kiosk allowing wheel chair or standing accessibility.

Kaizen 10 Process


The Idea

Integrating the client's philosophy using the Japanese word for "improvement" along with the standard way of grading on a scale of 1-10, the international symbol for diabetes was integrated into a logotype using characters K and 10.


Health for All Types

Creative tagline for Type 1 and Type 2 clients served.


Alternative Logo

Given the vast amount of social media formats and variety of applications for signage, clothing, and other marketing materials, a vertical logo was also provided for the client.

Town of castle Roc Recguide - Winter/Spring 2019

Summer/Fall 2018

Brand Identity Guide

Two Dollar Tom

Thomas Jefferson and friends reminisce about an experience they shared at Taco Bell. 

**Pardon the video quality as this was produced before HD**

Teaching + Student Work

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my objectives are to foster critical thinking, problem-solving

strategies, and life-long learning skills to solve challenges of the future. In orienting

students to the visual communication fields, my lessons explore process,

experimentation, composition, form, and visual meaning. As students advance,

they are introduced to design systems, user-centered research and

development, and complex data visualizations. I expect students to work hard,

think independently, and participate actively to foster a healthy learning

community. My contribution to this community is to provide students with a

learning experience that prepares them to become design leaders.

Process and experimentation are encouraged by providing students with a problem

solving system. My assignments require students to conduct research, develop

ideas, test ideas, and execute a solution. This process involves drawing, mapping,

photography, writing, and documentation.

Composition and form are explored through lessons of visual perception. Through

these lessons, students learn to apply design principles in their work, and identify

them in the work of others. These important lessons offer a foundation of critical

thinking and strategy to solve more complex problems in the future.

With problem solving as a main priority of my pedagogy, I evaluate students based

on their abilities to utilize their process. In employing their process effectively,

students should have conducted targeted research, developed several applicable

ideas for experimentation, and executed a solution that creatively addresses

the proposed problem. Students are also required to provide constructive criticism

and present their work in a professional manner.

Through class work and extracurricular activities, my objective is to provide students

with a competitive advantage in their field. I am rewarded by my students’ progress,

and promote positive reinforcement in my classes to keep my students inspired and

goal-oriented. As a leader and mentor, I am inspired to advance graphic design as a

professional craft and invaluable resource in business, culture, and politics.